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Delivery Information

Prior to placing your order, please see our local delivery schedule


Click here to see delivery schedule


Order by midnight Saturday and check the delivery Schedule :
For example,  Order Saturday before midnight to postcode 3000 (Melbourne), dispatched for Tuesday.

For delivery for Monday postcodes order prior Thursday before midnight:
dispatched for Monday.

Any orders which fall on the respective days or one day before they will be dispatched for the following week.

For example order Monday, dispatch for following Monday.(depending of the postcode)

Delivery Procedures

The Deliveries will only be placed at the front of property and not placed at the rear or side of a property or in the garages or similar. This is for the safety of our drivers and the security of your Property.

The package which we deliver measures (L) 280mm (W) 190mm (D) 160mm and consists of up to 8 meals; If does not fit your esky or cooler bag, it will be left somewhere is deemed safe. Our drivers are not permitted to open or unpack the box.

Our drivers deliver in accordance with our terms and conditions and will leave your order at the front entrance door if no one is home.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery day according to the postcode address selected fits with your schedule.

If for unknown reasons it is not safe to make the delivery and unable to be contact with you, then no delivery will occur, and a re- delivery fee may apply.


Delivery Order

Order by midnight Saturday for delivery on:

For example, if one place an order says Saturday before midnight to post code 3000 (Melbourne) the delivery leaves Tuesday. The reason for this if you check the time deliveries for the example above it falls on Tuesday.

For delivery for Monday postcodes they need to place Thursday before midnight to be delivered for Monday.

Any orders which fall on the respective days or one day before they will be delivered the following week. If they order Monday, then it will be delivered next Monday providing the postcode falls on the same day of the order.